Biggest Football Stadiums In The World In Terms Of Capacity

There really is something about seeing a game live with thousands upon thousands of fans in a stadium that is architecturally a masterpiece. You’ll be able to witness a unique feel and touch to the match which will even reflect on how the plays are celebrated. A special kind of passion is shown when the game is played in a vast stadium whose potential is met.

Let us look at some of the biggest stadiums in terms of capacity that is still functional.

1.      Wembley, London – 90,000

Something that the Wembley has that distinguishes itself from other statues structurally is how the first thing that you see when you enter the stadium is an arch. This arch is responsible for holding nearly 75% of all the roof’s load. Needless to say, this pitch is home to the England football team.

The stadium also hosts other events from time to time such as NFL games, fights and even concerts of the likes of Oasis and Foo Fighters.


2.      Soccer City, Johannesburg – 94,736

The Soccer City in South Africa was built in the 1980s, and at the time, it was sponsored by

FNB which meant that the stadium was called FNB Stadium.

Soccer City also witnessed the first speech that Nelson Mandela gave after he was released from prison in 1990. His death was also honored in this stadium since a memorial service was held in 2013.

3.      Camp Nou, Spain – 99,354

The Camp Nou is the largest stadium in Europe and is home to the ever famous FC Barcelona, the teams that boast some of the best players to ever play the game such as Lionel Messi, Xavi, and even Iniesta.

With talks of extensions already over and the construction underway, the Cam Nou will only be better than ever.


4.      Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne – 100,024

Nicknamed “The G,” Melbourne Cricket Ground has a rich history since it hosted the 1956 edition of the Summer Olympics and two Cricket World Cups in 1992 and 2015.

The stadium was built in the 1850s, and it also hosted the 2006 Commonwealth Games which can be added to its already illustrious history.

5.       Neyland Stadium, Tennessee – 102,455

Home of the Tennessee Volunteers Football team, they have been there since 1921. The stadium was constructed on initial costs that went up to above $40,000. The stadium also hosts rallies, political gatherings, and concerts as well.